2023: Growth, momentum, and partnership

50,000 new merchants. Over $10 billion in payment volume. One quick recap.
Dec 14, 2023

50,000 new merchants. Over $10 billion in payment volume. One quick recap.

As the CardFlight team wraps up 2023, we are grateful for our partners who work with us to support businesses using SwipeSimple. 

We have an annual tradition of looking back on our business “by the numbers”. This recap looks at both the hard numbers and fun facts that tell the story of how CardFlight has grown. 

Our partners are an important part of the health and culture of our company. We appreciate the many companies that sell and support SwipeSimple. And, we value the ways in which CardFlight and our partners have grown together throughout the history of the company. 

Whether you are a sales partner or a merchant, we hope you enjoy these highlights and milestones, because you were a big part of our growth in 2023.

More than 50,000 small businesses began using SwipeSimple this year. SwipeSimple continues to be a leading choice for merchants who sell and service their customers within their local community, especially in-person services, on-site services, retail, and food and beverage businesses.

CardFlight crossed many significant milestones in 2023. Early in the year, we surpassed 125,000 small businesses using SwipeSimple to accept credit card payments. And those merchants are on track to process over $10 billion in payment volume in 2023.

As Natalia Leonardis, CardFlight VP of Business Development, states, “The continued expansion of small businesses turning to SwipeSimple for payment acceptance represents the strength of the channel partners we work with to bring innovative solutions to small businesses."

This year, we’ve also seen significant growth in merchants processing through card not present features within SwipeSimple. Payment volume through features like Virtual Terminal, Invoices, Payment Links, Card on File, and Scheduled and Recurring Payments grew 117% over the previous year.

SwipeSimple is recommended and sold by sales organizations and individual reps across the U.S. every day of the year. The CardFlight Partnership Team held over 80 individual sales training sessions, both at partner sites and events, as well as over video calls. The team launched a new quarterly webinar series to equip field representatives and Independent Sales Organizations with new strategies for selling to small businesses.

Plus, the team attended over 13 in-person conferences and events, creating the opportunity to help the people who sell SwipeSimple to experience the products and find new ways to expand their sales opportunities.

With a team that works across 25+ U.S. states and several time zones, we communicate continuously to support customers and internal collaboration. At CardFlight, we value proactive, solution-focused communication, and over a half-a-million Slack messages is just one of the ways in which we communicate in order to drive solutions for our partners and merchants.

CardFlight expanded our Customer Support team in 2023. We added more team members to support partners and SwipeSimple merchants. And, we expanded our hours of service so that team members are available from 8:00 am through 9:00 pm ET Monday through Friday. 

The expanded coverage is based upon data indicating when SwipeSimple merchants are actively transacting. With these new hours, we are able to support more calls in real-time. And, as of the end of 2023, the Customer Support team is able to solve 95.5% of inquiries or tickets in the first reply.

This is a high customer satisfaction rating based upon NPS tracking across all industries. At CardFlight, we watch our NPS rating closely as we continuously work to ensure the ease and simplicity of SwipeSimple software. And, we know that our high and consistent rating also reflects the strong service and support that our partners provide to SwipeSimple merchants all year long.

We believe that this high customer satisfaction rating means that our partners are able to sell and board merchants onto SwipeSimple with confidence and peace of mind.


Thanks for reading our recap. And, thank you to all of the partners who support merchants using SwipeSimple every day. It is because of our partners that our company continues to grow and better serve small businesses.

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