Our story

CardFlight creates easy-to-use payment solutions so small-business merchants can focus on what they do best: growing their business.

Solving problems is in our DNA

The story of CardFlight is simple: In 2013, we saw a problem that needed fixing. Mobile businesses were growing rapidly, but mobile payment options weren’t. Very few existed, and the ones that did were difficult to use. We set out to change that.

In the years since, we built an easy, safe, and secure mobile point-of-sale platform for merchants and their partners. The CardFlight platform evolved from that original Software Developer Kit into SwipeSimple, our branded product solution.

Our problem-solving culture leads to results. We’ve been first-to-market with important industry advances such as the deployment of EMV Quick Chip. We’ve also continually enhanced our iOS and Android-based applications and SwipeSimple web experience based on customer feedback and industry advancements.

With new features and expanding hardware options, SwipeSimple today enables 125,000 small merchants to accept payments in all the ways their businesses demand: mobile, in-store, and in back-office settings. Plus, using the tools available at SwipeSimple Dashboard, merchants save time and gain unique insights into their business that can help them grow.

Ten of the top 25 merchant acquirers in the US recommend SwipeSimple as their small business payment solution, some under their own brand. And we bring the same problem-solving tenacity to our channel partner relationships that we do to our product, removing deployment friction, enabling sales, and providing stellar customer support. SwipeSimple is also sold directly by CardFlight under the product name SwipeSimple Connect.

Company timeline

See how we've grown from a simple idea and a passion for problem solving into the leading SaaS payment company for small businesses.

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