CardFlight partner model

CardFlight is dedicated to the success of our partners — including merchant acquirers, financial institutions, and independent sales organizations.

Making SwipeSimple as easy to purchase as it is to use

SwipeSimple is sold through a network of merchant aqcuirers, regional resellers, local banks, and financial instutions across the United States. We partner with 10 of the top 25 merchant acquirers who provde SwipeSimple to their small business and nonprofit customers. We are committed to making it easy for our partners to sell, board, and support their customers.
First American Bank
First Citizens Bank
Merchant e-Solutions
Transnational Payments
SwipeSimple Terminal on PAX A80 and A920

Easy-to-use solutions that retain merchants longer

Our partners choose to work with CardFlight so they can offer cutting-edge payment acceptance solutions to small businesses. Our products are easy to sell, and easy to support.

Plus, every partner gets:

  • Dedicated account managers
  • Ongoing training as partner sales teams grow
  • Easy access to sales enablement tools

Easy to sell

As a SwipeSimple partner, merchant acquirers, independent sales organizations and financial institutions have easy access to tools to help support their own sales and marketing efforts.

  • CardFlight offers generous co-branding opportunities.
  • Sales tools, graphics, and images are available through the SwipeSimple Partner Content Hub.
  • Videos to help partners demo or train on SwipeSimple features are easily accessible.
  • Partners can access how-to content on the SwipeSimple Support Center.

Easy merchant onboarding with SwipeSimple RAMP

We strive to make every interaction with our partners as seamless and efficient as possible. With SwipeSimple RAMP, your support team has all the tools they need to manage the merchant relationship.

  • Fast and easy onboarding for new merchants with real-time activation
  • APIs available to fully automate onboarding from partner systems
  • View insights, detailed account and transaction info for your entire portfolio
  • Tools to update account settings and parameters for your merchants, including "Act as User" mode

Corporate partnerships

Want to partner with CardFlight to offer SwipeSimple to your merchants? Get in touch.
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