CardFlight by the numbers: 2018 in review

Like every year at CardFlight so far, 2018 was a year filled with new products, deals, learnings, and growth.
Marc Hummel
Director, Content Marketing
Dec 20, 2018

Like every year at CardFlight so far, 2018 was a year filled with new products, deals, learnings, and growth.

We closed another year of mind-bending growth…

Growth rate = 2916 %

Our three-year growth rate is 2,916 percent.

…and reached a new business milestone:

Total merchants = 45,000

We exceeded 45,000 active merchants on SwipeSimple in 2018.

Those 45,000+ merchants process transactions using the latest payment acceptance technologies:

EMV acceptance = 93 %

93 percent of SwipeSimple merchants are EMV-enabled.

Quick Chip enabled = 84 %

84 percent of CardFlight merchants process transactions faster thanks to EMV Quick Chip.

We also received some hard-earned recognition…

Deloitte Fast 500

48: CardFlight earned a spot on the Deloitte list of fastest-growing companies in North America.

Inc. 5000 = top 5

CardFlight earned a spot in the top 5 of the fastest-growing Financial Services companies — and ranked 139 overall.

…and brought on several new partnerships.

Read more about a few of those new partnerships: Paya, Boomtown, and Payscape.

We achieved so much in 2018 thanks to our rockstar team.

Which got quite a bit bigger this year.

New employees = 23

CardFlight continued to grow in 2018 — our team is now 45 people strong.

To see everyone on the team, go here.

All that growth required a lot of communication…

Messages sent = 338,669

Our team sent an insane number of Slack messages in 2018.

…a good amount of LaCroix…

Cans of LaCroix = 1736

Our team (OK, mostly our CEO, Derek) drinks a lot of LaCroix. Lime is the most popular flavor.

…and a LOT of travel.

Miles traveled = 330,996

Our sales and executive teams have a lot of frequent flyer miles.

Our support team provided our clients with world-class service…

1-day response rate = 95 %

Our team answers support emails really fast.

Support tickets = 28,300

88% of all tickets were successfully answered on the first exchange. Take that, Zappos!

…and our development team worked hard to add new features and support new devices.

CardFlight now has three payment acceptance solutions for merchants on the go, in store, and at the computer.

App Store releases = 23

Our development team shipped new features and updates to support new mobile devices.

Google Play releases = 23

SwipeSimple supports most Android and iOS devices.

As hard as our teams worked, they were never hungry…

Office lunches = 51

We enjoyed 51 team lunches — often with an employee-led presentation.

…or without some well-deserved recognition…

Birthdays celebrated = 45

No birthday left behind.

…or equally well-deserved fun.

Gifts exchanged = 45

Everyone survived the 2nd annual CardFlight white elephant.

For more photos from around the office this year, check out #teamCardFlight on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The end.

A big heartfelt thanks to our reseller partners, employees, and merchants for making 2018 a year to remember.