Holiday Selling with SwipeSimple: SwipeSimple Partners can give merchants the edge

SwipeSimple offers valued features that can help small businesses.
Megan Stahl
Channel Marketing Manager
Oct 5, 2023

The merchant customers that we support are rapidly approaching the end of the year holiday selling season. This season is often crucial for small businesses to achieve their revenue goals. And, while increased traffic and demand is desired, it also brings challenges that cause stress and cost business owners time and money. 

Beyond making it easy for the merchant’s customers to pay, SwipeSimple offers valued features that can help small businesses navigate the challenges of the holiday season. These features can reduce steps in day-to-day operations, save time and money, allowing business owners to focus on their customers this season.

SwipeSimple Partners can help merchants get out in front of the holidays by boarding them on SwipeSimple this month.

Features to make the holiday season easier for merchants:

Inventory management

Balancing supply and demand can be tricky during the holidays. SwipeSimple offers extensive inventory management that allows business owners to stay on top of it. Merchants are able to easily track their top selling items, see when inventory is running low, and set custom discounts for any sales promotion they want to run during the holidays.

Staffing challenges

Seasonal fluctuations in customer traffic can make it difficult to schedule and train staff effectively. SwipeSimple is an easy-to-use solution with a smartphone-like interface that makes it a breeze for merchants to train new employees on the checkout and payment process. SwipeSimple also offers specific user roles so business owners can choose the level of access they want to give each of their seasonal employees.

Diverse payment methods

In the last few years, the ways customers want to pay has increased and changed rapidly. Some customers prefer traditional credit and debit cards, but increasingly they want to tap those cards … or skip the card while making contactless payments with a device’s digital wallet. For big ticket items or services, opt to pay through an Invoice or set up an Installment. SwipeSimple is the easy-to-use payment solution that allows merchants to simply say “yes” to the ways their customers want to pay.

Returns and exchanges

Post-holiday returns and exchanges can be a headache. With SwipeSimple, merchants can easily perform returns and voids from the Mobile App or the Web, making it simple to manage. SwipeSimple also keeps a detailed record of each transaction which allows business owners to track when items have been returned.

Managing payment processing volume

During the holidays, small businesses are hit with a surge of customer traffic and can find it difficult to manage the increased volume of payment transactions. SwipeSimple offers cloud-based reporting tools that helps business owners easily consolidate all of their transactions in one place. Plus, the reports are customizable and can be filtered based on the merchant’s needs.

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