CardFlight Introduces Level 2 Interchange Qualification Support on SwipeSimple

Enables CardFlight’s signature SwipeSimple software to capture Level 2 credit card information via SwipeSimple Merchant Web Dashboard.
June 26, 2019


CardFlight, the leading SaaS payment technology company, today announced the introduction of Level 2 credit card processing support for SwipeSimple, the company’s signature software. Starting July 1, merchants will be able to gather and track a set of additional data points for each transaction via the SwipeSimple Merchant Web Dashboard, enabling them to meet Level 2 standards and access lower interchange rates.

Peter Wagener, Chief Technology Officer at CardFlight, said:

The rollout of Level 2 Interchange Qualification support is the latest addition to our software suite aimed at meeting the needs of businesses looking to accept B2B payment transactions from their computer when the cardholder is not present. Our team has invested significant time and resources over the past year in expanding the capabilities we offer via SwipeSimple to include features such as Invoices and Customers and tools like SwipeSimple Terminal, which help bring our payment acceptance technology to even more small businesses across industries.

The newly introduced Level 2 Interchange Qualification support will add to SwipeSimple’s existing suite of tools designed to empower small businesses to accept payments easily and securely. As of July 1, Level 2 Interchange Qualification support will be available to merchants accepting payments on their computers, within the SwipeSimple Merchant Web Dashboard, at no additional cost.

Evan O’Brien, Director of Partner Relationships at Payroc, said:

“As a processing partner, we know the impact every dollar has on the bottom line for our merchant customers, it is important that we are able to educate and offer ways to optimize how much they pay on Interchange. Our B2B merchants — from professional service providers to companies selling high-ticket items into corporations — will benefit from using SwipeSimple even more with the addition of Level 2 Interchange Qualification tools.”

About CardFlight
CardFlight is a leading SaaS payment technology company making payment acceptance effortless and simple, by creating cutting-edge solutions designed to help small businesses grow. SwipeSimple, a signature CardFlight product, reaches businesses through a sales channel of financial institutions, independent sales organizations, and merchant service providers. Used by more than 50,000 small businesses in the U.S., across all 50 states, SwipeSimple empowers entrepreneurs to accept payments on the go, in their stores, and at their computers.

CardFlight takes pride in building forward-thinking solutions defined by reliability and driven with the end-user’s goals in mind. The company is headquartered in New York City, with additional offices in Lincoln, NE. For more information, visit