SwipeSimple from CardFlight Reaches More than 100,000 Merchant Milestone

Over 100,000 merchants rely on the easy-to-use payment technology created by CardFlight
April 6, 2022


CardFlight, a leading SaaS payment technology company serving small businesses, today announced its SwipeSimple product is in use with more than 100,000 merchants across the United States. SwipeSimple, recognized as easy-to-use, modern payment acceptance software, is available in three software packages: Payments, Terminal, and Register. 

Derek Webster, CardFlight Founder and CEO, said:

Our team is laser-focused on accelerating payment innovation, delivering easy to use software and speed of onboarding for small business owners and their employees. This milestone is the direct result of investments in building and growing our exceptional team and channel partner relationships, to create and distribute a superior payment acceptance technology for merchants.

SwipeSimple overview

SwipeSimple Payments allows merchants to accept payments with hardware they already own: a phone, tablet, or computer. With capabilities like Virtual Terminal, Invoices, card on file, and online payment links, businesses can use the same easy-to-use interface to accept credit card payments in a retail environment or on-site at a customer or remote location.

SwipeSimple Terminal brings the ease of SwipeSimple to an all-in-one device. This payment acceptance terminal uses a modern Android interface that is easy for employees to learn and customers to use. Unlike traditional terminals, SwipeSimple provides automated tools and robust reporting that saves business owners time and money. 

The latest addition to the product line is SwipeSimple Register, designed to be an easy-to-use point of sale (POS) system. The Register Software Package brings enhanced features to the SwipeSimple product suite, including Item Modifiers for quick order modifications, Item Level Tax Rates so merchants can easily assign different tax rates to individual items, and easy connections to USB printers, cash drawers and other peripherals to speed up the checkout process. 

Natalia Leonardis, VP of Business Development, said:

As merchants demand more convenience and agility in their payment solutions, our sales partners have increasingly relied on SwipeSimple as the best way to meet their customer’s needs. Our partners find that the versatility of our solution makes SwipeSimple a good fit for an increasingly large number of their small business customers. With SwipeSimple, merchants can buy specialized hardware like a register POS or terminal or bring their own device, all in a clean, modern interface.

Experience SwipeSimple in person

CardFlight will demonstrate its entire product line at several industry events this spring, including the Northeast Acquirers Association event this week in Philadelphia, PA, and the ETA TRANSACT trade show to be held April 12-14, in Las Vegas.

About us


CardFlight is an innovative SaaS payment technology company dedicated to empowering small businesses with payment acceptance software that’s easy to use and easy to love. The company creates simple payment software that serves the unique needs of merchants who sell and service their customers primarily in the communities in which they live. The company partners with top merchant acquirers to provide cutting-edge solutions designed to help small businesses grow throughout the United States. CardFlight takes pride in building forward-thinking solutions defined by reliability and driven by the goals of both end-users and the channel that serves them in mind. The company has operations in New York City and Lincoln, Nebraska, with employees working across several states in the United States. 


SwipeSimple, a signature CardFlight product, reaches businesses through a sales channel of financial institutions, independent sales organizations, and merchant service providers. Used by more than 100,000 small businesses in the U.S., across all 50 states, SwipeSimple lets entrepreneurs quickly accept payments, allowing them to focus more on operating and growing their businesses.