CardFlight Announces They Now Serve 125,000 Small Businesses Across US

Over 125,000 merchants rely on the easy-to-use payment technology created by CardFlight
March 2, 2023

CardFlight, a leading SaaS payment technology company, announced today that more than 125,000 small business owners across the US now use SwipeSimple, the company’s easy-to-use, modern payment solution.

SwipeSimple, CardFlight’s signature product, enables small businesses to accept credit card payments across several types of devices and in a range of environments, from retail to remote locations. By offering the features that small businesses value most – delivered in a straightforward and easy-to-use way – SwipeSimple serves more than 350 different types of business verticals and industries. The product is respected in the industry because it is simple, works well and helps businesses grow.

The announcement from the award-winning privately-held fintech company comes after 12 months of impressive growth across the organization. Areas of growth in 2022 included:

  • 38% increase in payment volume processed
  • 29% increase in workforce 
  • 51 Net Promoter Score (NPS) for merchant satisfaction, a 25% increase over the past 4 years

Derek Webster, CardFlight Founder and CEO, said:

Small business owners are choosing CardFlight’s products as a result of our commitment to delivering easy-to-use software that is both simple for our partners to set-up and support, and uncomplicated for small businesses and their employees to use. 

With a merchant base of this size, CardFlight sees its small business customers using a wider range of SwipeSimple features, empowering those merchants to bill and accept payments in ways that cardholders prefer. As industry watchers know, CardFlight has historically been the gold standard for card present payment acceptance, but in 2022, CardFlight also experienced exciting growth in the amount of sales they processed through card not present features like Virtual Terminal, Invoices, Payment Links, Card on File, and Scheduled and Recurring Payments, which collectively grew 65% over the previous year.

Natalia Leonardis, VP of Business Development, said:

This growth represents the strength of our channel partners and our collective ability to serve small business customers wherever they are. We are proud to work with such a diversified partner network who bring innovative solutions to small businesses.

As the number of users of SwipeSimple grows, CardFlight continues to scale the size and skills of the team. Built on the company values of ownership, being results oriented, and honoring the team as the engine to the company’s success, CardFlight has secured impressive employee retention rates and recruits top talent from across the US to join their fast growing team.

Liam Mahoney, VP of People, said:

In addition to our incredible partners, CardFlight attributes much of our continued growth to the impressive contributions of our team members. While many tech companies faced layoffs in recent months, we continue to grow our workforce and expand the number of communities in which our employees live and work.

The company is actively hiring, with a focus on continuously improving the quality of their products while delivering continued innovation.     

About us


CardFlight is an innovative SaaS payment technology company dedicated to empowering small businesses and helping them grow. With payment acceptance software that’s easy to use and easy to love, the company creates simple payment software that serves the unique needs of merchants in the communities in which they live. CardFlight takes pride in building forward-thinking solutions defined by reliability and driven by the goals of both end-users and the channel that serves them in mind. Headquartered in New York City with operations in Lincoln, Nebraska, CardFlight is a full-remote company with employees working across the United States. More information about career opportunities at CardFlight can be found on LinkedIn.  


SwipeSimple, a signature CardFlight product, reaches businesses through a sales channel of financial institutions, independent sales organizations, and merchant service providers. Used by more than 125,000 small businesses in the U.S., across all 50 states, SwipeSimple lets entrepreneurs quickly accept payments, allowing them to focus more on operating and growing their businesses.