CardFlight Showcasing the Full Feature Set of SwipeSimple at ETA TRANSACT 2024

Since its debut at TRANSACT a decade ago, SwipeSimple has Grown into a Robust Small Business Solution Renowned for Simplicity, Practicality, and Reliability
April 10, 2024

CardFlight, a leading SaaS payment technology company, is celebrating the growth and momentum of its flagship product SwipeSimple at this year’s ETA TRANSACT trade show event. Since its introduction a decade ago, SwipeSimple has evolved into a feature-rich and robust solution that serves more than 125,000 small businesses. 

With a continuous and rapid pace of product enhancements, SwipeSimple has grown from an early-to-market app which enabled small business merchants to accept payments using a mobile device into a suite of business management tools and advanced payment acceptance capabilities purpose-built for the ever-expanding small business market. Entrepreneurs and business owners have come to rely on the software and payments technology for its simplicity and reliability. Through a partner network of financial institutions, merchant acquirers, and traditional payment sales channels, the company processes over $12 billion in annual payment volume.

Derek Webster, CardFlight Founder and CEO, said:

We burst onto the scene at a time in which the merchant acquirer channel was scrambling to offer reliable solutions to small businesses wanting app-based payment acceptance on their mobile devices. With our commitment to problem solving and innovation, SwipeSimple was ahead of the curve and made it easy for our partners and their customers to be successful. We haven't slowed down since, continuing our momentum in product expansion for a decade.

As the product name states, simplicity is the key commitment that guides CardFlight in developing and growing the features of SwipeSimple. Each new feature is evaluated based upon its potential to help small businesses do more while ensuring that the product is easy for busy merchants to use and for partners to onboard and support. The solution began as a way for a business owner to manually enter cardholder information into a mobile app and complete a transaction. Today, SwipeSimple features advanced payment acceptance capabilities including Payment Links, Invoices from a mobile device, and scheduled and subscription payments to a card on file in the Customers feature. 

A key driver in merchant growth and retention is the reporting and business management functions, which were added to the product continuously since 2017.

Eli Entin, Vice President of Product, said:

We hear regularly from our customers how much they appreciate that SwipeSimple provides an all-in-one software solution for managing a small business from anywhere, along with business intelligence and insights in a central, easy-to-use reporting platform. A small business owner can keep track of transactions taken by field and service reps throughout the day, track inventory levels, and easily view top sellers and customers from their web-based  merchant Dashboard, even when away from the office.

Vera Miller, Sr. Director of Customer Operations, said:

We hear every day from entrepreneurs and owners that SwipeSimple saves them time and money when running their business. Merchants who have replaced traditional terminals with the SwipeSimple Terminal were regularly driving between multiple locations at the end of each day to collect receipts. They now save time and miles by closing out batches and reviewing daily transactions right from their computer. Merchants express delight when they are able to save time by creating and sending an invoice from a customer’s location when the job is done, for example, or easily add a digital payment link to their web and social media site that gives their customers the opportunity to select what they want to buy. It’s features like these that return time in the day of busy small business owners.

Derek Webster, CEO, concluded:

Beyond innovation, adaptability, and providing solutions, at CardFlight we are, at our core, about fostering growth. We support individuals in their business endeavors and in doing so, we help those businesses thrive. We know that supplying innovative, reliable solutions is about more than research and development—so in dedication to building payment options that work for a wide-range of small businesses, we keep our focus on a few key objectives to guide our efforts. Our focus has been the secret to our success over the past decade and we’re just getting started.

A complete timeline of CardFlight’s growth and innovation milestones over the past decade can be found here.

The full suite of features available within SwipeSimple will be available for demo at next week’s ETA TRANSACT in Las Vegas. Independent Sales Organizations, agents, and employees of the 200+ partners who sell and support SwipeSimple are encouraged to meet the CardFlight team in Booth 927 for a demo. Learn more about SwipeSimple here.

About CardFlight

CardFlight is an innovative SaaS payment technology company that today serves more than 125,000 small businesses across the United States. The company is committed to providing innovative and dependable payment solutions that anticipate the evolving needs and challenges of small business owners. Within the complex payment landscape, CardFlight products are renowned for their simplicity, practicality, and reliability.

SwipeSimple, the company’s flagship product, is a software solution that enables small businesses to save time and money running their business, as well as accept payments seamlessly via phone, tablet, or computer. In addition to enabling a merchant to accept payments from their own devices, the product line includes SwipeSimple Terminal, an all-in-one credit card device, and SwipeSimple Register, an easy-to-use POS system packed with time-saving features. With SwipeSimple, small businesses can easily take payments in the ways their customers want to pay. SwipeSimple is sold through many channels, including a partner network comprising financial institutions, merchant service providers, and independent sales organizations.