SwipeSimple Now Enables Merchants to Create and Send Invoices from Their Mobile Devices

SwipeSimple V7.0 enables field technicians, repair representatives, and home service businesses to easily and conveniently create invoices using the mobile app immediately after finishing a job
January 31, 2024

CardFlight, a leading SaaS payment technology company, announced today the expansion of a popular product feature so that now small business merchants can create and send invoices on the go, from anywhere, using the innovative SwipeSimple mobile app. Invoicing capabilities have been a highly-used feature on the company’s web version for many years and adding them to the SwipeSimple mobile app will create an even more convenient user experience.      

CardFlight’s signature product, SwipeSimple, has been a gold standard for payment solutions for small businesses, with more than 125,000 small businesses using the product today. With the latest release of SwipeSimple, one of the product’s most frequently used solutions – the ability to create, send, and manage all invoices – is now available when using a mobile device. The expansion of invoicing to the SwipeSimple mobile app is a powerful tool that allows field and home services businesses to quickly create an invoice at the time of finishing a job or transaction, rather than spending time invoicing back in the office at the end of a long day.

Eli Entin, Head of Product, said:

We continually review requests for features and functionality from our customers, always looking for new ways we can have the greatest impact while honoring our commitment to simplicity and ease of use for businesses. Expanding the ability to send an invoice from the SwipeSimple mobile app has been a top request this past year. We are pleased to kick off 2024 by creating the ability for a plumber, HVAC repair person, cleaning service, or any field service technician to create and send an invoice before climbing back into their truck.

Today’s announcement makes SwipeSimple even more versatile and is another example of CardFlight’s commitment to innovation in ways that meet the changing needs of small businesses. SwipeSimple serves more than 350 different types of business verticals and industries by offering features small businesses value most. 

Natalia Leonardis, Vice President of Business Development, said:

We work closely with our partners to identify the needs of small businesses to easily accept payments. Small businesses love the ability to easily create and send customized invoices with SwipeSimple on a computer. With this enhanced feature, we look forward to working with our partners to bring that same functionality to businesses that want to create invoices right at the customer’s site, at the moment the job is completed.

The ability to create and send invoices from a mobile device is now available to any merchant who has updated their mobile application to SwipeSimple V7.0. Once a merchant is using the latest version of SwipeSimple, an “Invoices” option will appear in the left menu of the mobile app menu. As with many SwipeSimple features, merchants can utilize the ability to create, send, and manage invoices within both the mobile app and their web-based payment gateway. Merchants can keep tabs on their business from anywhere and manage invoices at the touch of a fingertip. 

With today’s announcement, the award-winning privately held fintech company reinforced its commitment to continuously updating SwipeSimple, with simple and highly effective solutions, as the needs of small businesses evolve.

About CardFlight

CardFlight is an innovative SaaS payment technology company that today serves more than 125,000 small businesses across the United States. The company is committed to providing innovative and dependable payment solutions that anticipate the evolving needs and challenges of small business owners. Within the complex payment landscape, CardFlight products are renowned for their simplicity, practicality, and reliability.

SwipeSimple, the company’s flagship product, is a software solution that enables small businesses to accept payments seamlessly via phone, tablet, or computer. The product line also includes SwipeSimple Terminal, an all-in-one credit card device, and SwipeSimple Register, an easy-to-use POS system packed with time-saving features. With SwipeSimple, small businesses can easily take payments in the ways their customers want to pay. SwipeSimple is sold through many channels, including a partner network comprising financial institutions, merchant service providers, and independent sales organizations.