Conversations with CardFlight featuring Cory Capoccia (Womply)

In this episode, Derek speaks with Cory Capoccia, cofounder, Chief Business Development Officer, and President at Womply.
Marc Hummel
Content Marketing Manager
November 19, 2019

In this inaugural episode of Conversations with CardFlight, Derek Webster (Founder and CEO @ CardFlight) talks with Cory Capoccia (Cofounder, Chief Business Development Officer, and President @ Womply).

Watch the episode below to hear them discuss:

  • How the payments industry has changed in the last decade
  • The future of small business payments, and the role technology will play
  • How better customer analytics helps small business owners solve problems

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About Conversations with CardFlight

Conversations with CardFlight is an original interview video series. In each episode, CardFlight founder and CEO Derek Webster sits down with a leader from the world of payments to learn more about their unique perspective of this dynamic industry.