CardFlight by the numbers 2020

What we learned while growing SwipeSimple by 20,000 merchants in a pandemic — plus our predictions for 2021.
Derek Webster
Founder & CEO
Dec 4, 2020

For the past two years, we’ve published a post called “CardFlight by the numbers.” It’s our way of celebrating and making note of the past year, and celebrating our growth milestones.

It was a time to look back and note our appreciation for things like:

  • Number of new merchants using SwipeSimple
  • New CardFlight employees
  • LaCroix cans we consumed at our offices in NYC and Lincoln, NE

Given all the personal and professional changes that took place during 2020, celebrating in-office seltzer consumption won’t be in the cards for this year. (But don't let that stop you from reminiscing with us by viewing the 2018 and 2019 editions.)

That said, there’s one big milestone we want to recognize: Over 20,000 new merchants selected SwipeSimple this year.

We’re proud that these businesses found what they needed with SwipeSimple. The flexibility of our software to meet today’s ever-changing market needs and accept payments on the go, at the curbs of their storefronts, and at their computers, thanks to the omnichannel capabilities of SwipeSimple. 

The CardFlight mission has always been to help small businesses succeed by making it as easy as possible for merchants to accept payments and manage their businesses. It’s been a challenging year for everyone, and we’re proud that our contact-free SwipeSimple features like invoices and tap-to-pay are helping small business owners adapt to the changes they’ve had to make. 

The outlook for small businesses in 2021

Moving forward, we expect small businesses will continue to adapt the ways they operate. Specifically, I expect the following newly established trends to continue in 2021:

  • Configuring payment terminals to eliminate the signature requirement
  • Services businesses where the customer can prepay or post-pay for the service (auto repair, professional services like accountants and attorneys, landscapers, pool cleaners, etc.)

We’ll also see small businesses continue to adapt their business models to better serve customers while social distancing restrictions are in place:

  • New product/service delivery models (takeout, curbside, etc)
  • Phone orders with no-contact delivery or curbside pickup for businesses that hadn’t previously offered those options
  • Using tools like virtual terminal, invoices, payment links, card on file to handle payment virtually

For more thoughts on the state of small business payments now and the trends that will shape 2021, view the recording of our recent panel discussion with the following industry analysts and experts: 

  • Timothy Chiodo, Lead Payments, Processors, & FinTech Analyst at Credit Suisse
  • Zach Sadek, Partner at Parthenon Capital
  • ‍Scott Talbott, SVP Government Relations at Electronic Transactions Association

Get instant access to the recording here.